DECC is now in full operation and
…Fulfilling its mission!

DECC seeks to be 'a Lighthouse for God in the Middle East', strategically positioned in the middle of the '10/40 window'.


Baptisms at Sunrise - Easter 2004

Men at the Alter – Men’s Conference April 2004

The building is now home base for the two charter churches. They are the United Christian Church of Dubai (UCCD) and the Arabic Evangelical Church of Dubai (AECD). We welcome other fellowships to join us in making DECC their home base. Already one fellowship has joined and we look forward to more.

AECD is a non-denominational Arabic evangelical church comprised of about 200 people from about 10 Arabic speaking nations. Friday morning worship services begin at 11:00 am. You can contact them at (+9714) 8846607.

UCCD is a non-denominational Christian church comprised of about 500 members, representing over 40 nations. Friday morning worship services begin at 10:00 am. You can contact them at (+9714) 8846623.


The Bible Society of the Gulf is also fully operational within the DECC building. They are on duty Wednesday through Sunday from about 9 am to 6pm. You can contact them at (+9714) 884-6621.

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